LynchburgDoes Presents

A New Low



On 4/20, one of the happier days of the year, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be holding the first of what we hope will be many LynchburgDoes Presents events. In this case it will be a night of music, downtown at at Dish (1120 Main St,), featuring an acoustic set or three by the True South rock band A New Low. The music starts after 8 p.m., but don’t let that stop you from dropping in earlier for some food and conversation. There will be free LynchburgDoes stickers, as well as a limited number of handcrafted CDs featuring three new-ish studio tracks by A New Low. Full disclosure: A New Low features LynchburgDoes editor/publisher Matt Ashare on guitar; LynchburgDoes tech/social media dude Jay Oliveira on guitar; and all around good guy Vic Sizemore on vocals. It’s something of a test run: we want to see if we can’t coax a few people out on a Thursday night for a little fun to celebrate 4/20, which is also pretty close to the four-month anniversary for We’re hoping to have a few special guests, but it’ll be special one way or another. Click here to see Dish’s menu, and call Dish at

(434) 528-0070 to make a dinner reservation.